Monday, August 25, 2008

The Kingdom of God...(part 1)

Well, as the custom is that whenever i do a new post, i must first apologise for the long MIA, so so sorry guys, really hard to find time to blog, but i guess most of you guys have already gotten used to it right? Anyway things that are rare are more appreciated isn't it? hahaha... btw here is something that happen very recently that i really felt a lot for.

Last monday on the 18 of August, i went for the morning prayer at the Heart of God church, and Pastor Aries was sharing with us that even as we come and pray, lets seek to lift up the name of the Lord and not come with the Lord with our prayers needs all the time, it was really that sets me thinking, and when i went for my company's devotion later on, praying by the beach, i remembered what Pastor said in the morning.

So i ask God, if He has anything for to me to pray and to intercede, and for that day, i just wanted to be an intercessor and pray for the needs in the Kingdom. However, the first thing that God asked me to pray for is my business (i'm self-employed btw, if you do not know...) so i felt... ok... since God asked me to pray for my business, why not? so when i finished praying for my business, i asked God if He has any "Kingdom" stuff for me to intercede? And God told me something very powerful, God said i just did...that my business is His kingdom agenda, and from there i understand that when we pray Your kingdom come and Your will be done, we are praying that Jesus will reign over a particular sphere of influence that we are in, for example, our school, our work, our ministry, etc... and God work through people, so the only way for Jesus to reign in that sphere of influence, is that we have dominion over it. So if all the Christians rise up to take dominion over the spheres that they are in in the marketplace, then truly we are going back do what God has called us to do in Gen 1:28 “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” therefore work has taken a whole new perspective for me, marketplace ministry has never seem so real...cos i know i'm it for something....

P.S so sorry, i'm too tried to finish off everything, look out for part 2 k? hopefully won't be too long. =)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

multiplication power

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Genesis 1:27-28

When God created man, the Word of God says that God created us in His image and his likeness, we are to pattern ourselves after our Creator, the way we think, the way we move. therefore when God blesses man in Genesis 1:28 asking man to be fruitful and multiply, this means that God Himself also moves in the power of multiplication! Wow! And we can see this truth in the miracles performed by the prophets as well as Jesus in both the old and new testament.

However, one very important key to unlock God's multiplication power is Faith! Faith is the currency of heaven...By faith God spoke the things which are not visible into existence. When Jesus was faced with the multitude, the Bible says that Jesus already knew how He is going to deal with the situation. "But this He said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do." (John 6:6).

A taiwanese youth pastor shared this very interesting fact in an offering message, the Bible records that there are 5000 men in Jesus's conference. Historians says that 500 recorded in the Word of God actually excludes the wives and the children, so if everyone had a wife and one child, there would have been around 15000 people there that day. Imagine there are approximately 5000 families there, how is it possible that the only food available is 5 loaves and 2 fishes belonging to a lad?

Friends, i really believe that there must be more. For the rest of the people present, its not resources that they lacked, its faith. The lad's faith is the key for unlocking the multiplication power while the rest are just a victim of the "lack mentality." Remember a ittle becomes much when its placed into the Master's hand. Experience God's multiplication power today!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


well, its 12plus now in the morning, and what am i dong here, when i only have a few hours of sleep in the last few days due to sch work. well tomorrow is an very important day for me, cos its my CG multiplication day! Hoo~ and for the 1st time i being multiplied out, haha... not really, cos i will co leading the new CG as a PCGL, so ya... excitied? definately, stressed? still alright... but honestly, sometimes there isn't really a lot to worry about, cos i know that everything in the ministry is not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit, i just do my best and God wll do the rest! so my new CG members, no matter who you are, prepare yourself for and fun and exciting yet powerful journey with the Lord as E455 is offically multiplied tomorrow! Father, i thank You, for all the great and wonderful things You've done in this CG, continue to move so mightyly like before, and i know that our lives will never be the same again. Not by might, nor by power, but its by Your Spirit... so Father, we thank You again, for Your's is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, in Jesus's mighty name, Amen!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Recent Update

Hi all!!! first of all, so so so sorry for not updating my blog for so long, cos can't really find the time to do so, and sometimes my PC got some problem logging into blogger. so... ya... anyway Thank God for a mac now, haha...just wanna thank all of you for your prayers, everything has been fine. first of all ORD Loh!!!! =) den went for EMERGE in Jun, Mission Trip, and finally i'm have began my new phase of life as an financial adviser as well as a student in SIM. well, certainly life can be hectic and so now, but when our earthen vassel is filled with this Treasure, we can be hard pressed but yet not crushed amen? well i really gotta go now.... but do look out for this upcoming posts, (my word is my bond, hahaha....) 1) My ORD story - i will share about the goodness of God, and how He poured out his grace upoon me when i in NS. 2) Mission Trip in Surabaya- lots of pics and powerful experiences! 3) Walking in the approval of God- its all that maters doesn't it? =) P.S if weeks have passed and there are still no updates, pls remind me when u see me k? haha...

Monday, April 30, 2007

~Drawing Near~

Currently, I'm reading John Bevere's 'Drawing Near' after Pastor Benny's 'Good Morning, Holy Spirit', the reason for doing so is really to protect this hunger for God, and the things of the Spirit, that i once lost, yet found by the grace of God. And personally I realised that this is so so important, because our core motivation for being a Christian is not to attend church, attend Bible studies, to serve God in a ministry or to evangelise, even though all this things are important, and are absolutely necessary. But i say again that our core motivation is still to pursue after God. And when you have done so, the rest of the things that i just mentioned will naturally fall in place.

Friends, there is one thing that all of us must very sure of, and that is God is yearn for our communion and fellowship. In Rev 3:20, Jesus says that He is standing at the door of our hearts knocking, and who ever hears His voice and opens the door, He will come in and eat with us, and we with Him. In is much as this verse is always use to share with the unsaved about God's desire to fellowship with us, but if know the context of the Word, Jesus is speaking to His church. When Adam first sinned and hid himself from the presense of God, God's reaction is not, "COME OUT ADAM!!! How dare you sin against me!!! I'm going to strike you with a lightning bolt!!!" no, but instead God was saying to Adam, "Where are you? Why are you hiding from Me? I yearn for your fellowship!"

Let's hear the heartbeat of God...... It has been the same since the beginning of creation....... "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you......" Jas 4:8

If thats the case, why aren't people drawing near? Let me ask you a question, if you just had buffet for lunch, will you so desire for 10 course dinner? I don't think we will despise the dinner, but we definately won't desire it as much. Why? The lunch buffet had already satisfy our appetite. Similiarly, we won't be desiring after God if our spirit or emotional appetite is already satisfied by other stuff such as entertainment, leisure, material possessions, success in work and even other human relationship like our BGR and so on. I'm not saying that all these things are bad, in fact, we do need to enage in all these things in balance, to stay relevant and to impact the market place, but, what am I trying to say is that, all the things that I've mentioned above should not be the satisfaction of your souls. They should be things that we can do or to do without, cos they don't satisfy the desires of my soul, God does! Jesus You're more than enough for me...(sorry for the long lapse in the post, written the draft of this don't know how many hundred years ago, haha...)

Monday, April 23, 2007

~Pouring Out~

Well, I believed Pastor Benny's meeting has really brought many of our spiritual lives into the next level. Personally, I've grown to be even more hungry for the Holy Spirit, and yearned for His fellowship as He yearns for mine, I really recommend all of you to grab hold of the book titled, 'Good Morning, Holy Spirit.' In which Pastor Benny shared his conversion and how he fellowshipped with the Holy Spirit, together with many other powerful encounters with the Lord.

I was very drawn into the content of the book and really started to fellowship and yearn for the Holy Spirit and His the annointing. And I slowly realised that in my search for the Holy Spirit and His power, the other things in my life doesn't really matter as much as before. I'm more cautious of my words, actions and thoughts, as I try my best not to quench the Spirit of God. The Fear of God is became evident in my life. Suddenly, surrendering to God things that I once struggled with is so easy. I guess I'm beginning to see what is to live is Christ and to die is gain. Truely, if we want the power of resurrection, we must first go through the crucifixion of self..... sounds scary ar? Haha... but I believe it is worth it. Just today, one of my camp-mates shared this with me while reading a biography of D.L. Moody. He says that if we as vessels are filled with self-centeredness, our own ambition and things of this world, we have no room for God, its only when we begin to pour out 'Self' and whatever that comes along with it, Then God will pour in His Holy Spirit, His Power, His annointing......

Friends, its time to come thirsty for the Spirit of God......

Monday, April 09, 2007

Finally.. something about me

Haha, what a funny title, even i can't help but to laugh at it myself, but seriously, this is the first time i'm posting something about myself and not anything spiritual after i started off this blog.

Well, this few weeks is rather hectic for me, every weekend seems so short, however they are fruitfully spent. Almost all my saturdays in march are similar, its service followed by a quick dinner and Benny Hinn's choir pract, although its quite tiring, but i really enjoyed myself in every session, not really because i enjoyed singing, even though i do, but some how or rather something real funny will happen during the practice, haha... actually its always the extreme low keys, and all the monotone parts that spark off the laugher. But it always seems like my group of friends and I were the only ones laughing.

Full Dress Rehersal @ Jurong West
(SG RuLz! Haha...)

But last week is kind of tough for me, firstly its easter weekend. Secondly i had to move outfield for training, as you know, I'm already half a civilian (ORD Loh!!!), and it has been ages since I last move outfield. As a result, I wasn't really feeling well after that. But nvm lah, cos its only 2 or more working weeks before i start clearing my off and leave. Yeah!!! No more Sir, no more LTA Tan, just Mr Tan.... HAHAHAHA!!! (sorry kinda loss control, but cannot blame me lah, after 2 years...).

I'm really looking forward to the next phase of my life be it studies or work, but i believe with the grace of God, its time to buckle up and prepare to move up to the level . Amen! well, signing off here guys! Keep you guys updated soon! =)